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Newsletter For Future- Edition 3-Eco Ableism-Cover

Eco-Ableism in Society and the Climate Movement

“Take short showers, throw out everything made out of plastic, go vegan, stop traveling by car.” A lot of activists give out this advice when asked about how to be environmentally friendly. However, for many disabled people, these suggestions are not achievable. Eco-ableism is rampant within society as well as within activist circles – it is imperative that we address it in order to make the world, and our approaches to crises, more equitable. Learn more about eco-ableism as in this article.

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Newsletter For Future - Edition 1 - MAPA and Intersectionality- MAPA protest

What is MAPA and why should we pay attention to it?

Intersectionality, MAPA and how these two words are so powerful and important in the Climate Justice fight.

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