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500,000 people filled the streets in a climate change strike in Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 27, 2019.

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Finding climate strikes

Close to you

  • Check the Map
  • Click the arrow on the left, below the + and -, and it will show your position on the map and the strikes closest to you.
  • Click on the pin to find time and place for the strike, and, if they have indicated a contact, contact details for the organizer of that strike.

Somewhere else

  • If you go to the Map and look top left under All countries, you can select any country in the drop-down list and find the local strikes. 
  • Use + to zoom.
  • Click on the pin to find time and place for the strike, and, if they have indicated a contact, contact details for the organizer of that strike.

If there is no strike close to you, please start one. There is information here. Please remember to register your strike with us here.

Interviewing Greta Thunberg / asking her to speak
  • Email
  • Greta is able to participate in a fraction of the invitations that are sent to her, so please also consider inviting another climate activist. There are engaged and committed climate strikers in almost every country in the world. See country list below for contact details.
Interviewing climate activists/inviting a speaker
  • There are many impressive and engaged climate strikers.
  • The fastest way to get in touch is to select a country or countries in the list below and email directly.
  • If you are looking for several climate activists, please consider including different parts of the world. There are climate activists on all continents and in almost every country on the planet.

If the country you are looking for is not on the list, please email us, email address below the list of countries and we will try to help.

How many strikers will there be/were there?

Figures are available

Strike numbers grow as we approach the date and even after the date. An example, from the global strike on March 15, 2019:

  1. 359 events had registered a week before the strike.
  2. A week later, on the day, 2700 events had registered.
Solution to the climate crisis

We profoundly appreciate all efforts to find solutions to the climate crisis.

Fridays for Future does not have the capacity or the competence to evaluate solutions. If you have a solution, we therefore urge you to send your contribution to those who do, so that it can be put to use.

Map updates

Normally, the map is updated every 24 hours. From midnight CET/CEST. During Global strikes this is changed to every six hours.

It may take a few days for new strikes to appear on the map and for changes in map data to appear.

If you wish to change the data for your strike, the easiest way is to register again, using as similar data as previously, and it should overwrite. Should that not work, please email


Need to report some unwanted behaviour/activities? Use this address.

Country registration

For Fridays for Future countries – missing your country or details in the FFF country list below?

Country contact information

Contact for media
for countries not included above

Email us here!

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Please check the frequently asked questions at the beginning before emailing.