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Renewables: Rewriting the Narrative

Multiple studies and research efforts have repeatedly stated that a swift and just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is essential in order to mitigate the ever intensifying effects of climate change. However, much of the world is still far behind when it comes to achieving this goal. Why is that? And what role does fossil fuel rhetoric play in this delay? Find out with this article.

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Drop Fossil Fuels

Activist battles against major fossil fuel companies have been a defining characteristic of the climate movement for decades. Multiple campaigns continue to challenge these companies. Read more about the recent battles that have been fought, and won, in this article.

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Newsletter For Future- Edition 1- SCB Climate Killer-SCB General Campaign Banner

SCB: Climate killer and Fossil Fuels Financer

Read how Climate Activists fight banks’ investments in fossil fuels that fund our destruction and damage our world.

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