Young activists take the stage at the COP25 in Chile (2019) and singing together. First time.

Our Demands

Declaration of Lausanne | August 2019, 400 climate activists from 38 countries 

  1. Keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels. 
  2. Ensure climate justice and equity.
  3. Listen to the best united science currently available. 
A ‘drop dead’ flashmob protest at Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Thailand

March 2019 

  1. Create a safe pathway under 1.5C. 
  2. Climate justice and equity for everyone. 
  3. Follow the Paris Agreement. 
  4. Unite behind the science. 
In Brussels, not just students, but teachers, scientists, and several syndicates took the streets of the Belgian capital to protest for better climate policy.
Poster translation: Don’t wait 30 years for gray hair – 2050- Act now

End Fossil Fuel Investments

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About the Paris Agreement

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how to strike

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