Edition No. 1

March 15, 2021

This first episode of the Newsletter for Future focuses on the Global Day of Action on March 19th! Besides that, we also cover the international #CleanUpStandardChartered-campaign and give a brief introduction to intersectionality and MAPA.

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Monthly Recommendations

Discover our monthly climate recommendations, from interesting books on climate change to amazing content and events.

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Newsletter For Future- Edition 1- SCB Climate Killer-SCB General Campaign Banner

SCB: Climate killer and Fossil Fuels Financer

Read how Climate Activists fight banks’ investments in fossil fuels that fund our destruction and damage our world.

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Newsletter For Future - Edition 1 - MAPA and Intersectionality- MAPA protest

What is MAPA and why should we pay attention to it?

Intersectionality, MAPA and how these two words are so powerful and important in the Climate Justice fight.

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Discover how you can take real action for Climate Justice. Get involved in our campaigns, join the next Global Climate Strike on March 19th and sign petitions!

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Newsletter for Future - Edition 1 - The Greatest Moral Failure in Human History-Cover

The Greatest Moral Failure in Human History

Empty promises in politics can be quite dangerous. Global leaders must declare a climate emergency and follow it up with climate action.

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