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Newsletter For Future- Edition 3- April Update- Cover

No More Empty Promises: 2021 Climate Action Update

In April and May 2021, activists around the world took to the streets and airwaves once again to fight for meaningful climate action from those in power — standing up to world leaders at the Biden Climate Summit, the courts of the European Union, and climate-killer-corporations at company meetings.

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Newsletter For Future - Edition 3- Net Zero-Cover

Net Zero Targets: The Reality

If you follow climate news, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the term “net zero.” This term sounds promising at first, but what does it actually mean? To find out, we reached out to Theresa Anderson, climate policy coordinator for ActionAid International, and interviewed her about the issue.

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Newsletter For Future - Edition 2- Critical events-No More Empty Summits cover


As world leaders come together in a promised effort to finally tackle the Climate Crisis, many critical events related to climate & environmental policy are taking place this year. Learn from these events from COP26, G20, G7 to the Biden´s World leaders Summit.

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