Monthly Recommendations

International Women’s Day!

Newsletter for Future - Edition 1 - Montly Reccomendations- March 8th FFF International Video

One week ago many people around the world celebrated international woman’s day and emphasized the importance of solidarity between women. The climate crisis disproportionately impacts women and non-binary people. Thus, Fridays For Future activists wanted to discuss this topic through various social media posts. Check out the video featuring women climate activists through the image on the left.

Monthly Literature Recommendation

Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate 

In the climate movement, there is a lot of talk about the notion of “system change, not climate change”. But what exactly is the problem with the capitalistic system? Reading this book will help understand systemic economic problems correlating with the climate crisis. Naomi Klein mainly focuses on the US-American economy but also takes global economic systems into account. Definitely worth a read!

Events Taking Place

The Global Just Recovery Gathering

The Global Just Recovery Gathering will include panels, workshops, movement stories, and cultural sessions over a span of three days between April 9th and April 11th. It will feature speakers such as Nnimmo Bassey, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, and Hilda  Nakabuye. The event is free of charge.

The IUCN Congress Global Youth Summit

The IUCN Global Youth Summit will take place between April 5th and 16th, consisting of different youth-led interactive workshops on securing our future and protecting nature. The event is free of charge.