Monthly Recommendations

The Hollywood Climate Summit is happening soon! The event will call for more climate action from the film industry, including greening the resource-intensive business of film production, and also increasing the representation of climate stories in our films and shows. Find out more on the Hollywood Climate Summit’s website or toolkit! Tickets for FFF-supporters are FREE – use the code FRIDAYSFORFUTURE!

Have you ever wondered what White Saviorism is and why it is problematic? Maybe you have been a “white savior” yourself at times? Learn about its origins, definitions and remanifestations and listen to the 3rd episode of the Bad Activist podcast!

Fridays For Future just has its 3rd birthday! As a movement, we must find ways to stay alive – until we achieve climate justice. Read this Op-Ed and learn how the Xolobeni Community in South Africa sustained activism for 14 years.

The climate crisis also takes its toll on our mental health. Professor Sarah Ray wrote a book about how we can “Keep [our] Cool on a Warming Planet”. Find out more here!