earth day events

Fridays for Future joined Earth Day Initiative and MFSNYC for the #EarthDayVirtualFestival on April 18 and 19! In an amazing 1990s video game-style virtual space we came together and made sure 2021 would be a year of real and powerful action for climate action and environmental justice. Although these events will have already happened by the time this Newsletter is published, recordings of them will still be available.


music has the power to unite people

On April 24th and October 16th there will be concerts all across the world in over 40 countries led by the youth climate groups that organize school strikes but with artists, activists and scientists! Taking to the global stage, Climate Live plans to engage huge audiences. They aim to educate by raising awareness around the devastation already and climate science but also to empower their audience to pressure world leaders for change!


The New Climate War by Michael E Mann

Too often we hear the excuse that it’s too late to fight for this planet, but in this book, Michael E Mann directly explains why it is not. He also explains how we got to this problem from 100 years ago, through billionaires, scientists and presidents and coins climate inaction as β€˜the most immoral act in the history of human civilization’. Then, he argues the fundamental need for system change to combat climate change and therefore likens the task ahead of us all to β€˜war’. This is the New Climate War and is certainly worth reading!

Withdraw the cap

What is it and why should you support the campaign?

CAP stands for the Common Agricuture Policy and is tricky to understand, which can make it difficult for us to realize why it is so problematic to the Climate Crisis. Agriculture impacts us all no matter how removed from it we feel especially at the moment, with policies like this one encouraging ever expanding farming and more profits. That’s why we brought you two articles that simplify the CAP so that all of us know why we need to vote this CAP down.


Do the math

This documentary explains the terrifying truth of climate science because the math is simple. Climate change is here and as Bill Mckibben states in the film, “We are no longer at the point of trying to stop global warming, too late for that, we are trying to keep it from becoming a complete and utter calamity.” So watch this movie, do the math!Β