Climate activists have become targets in Afghanistan

Their tireless work to create a sustainable future has put them and their families gravely at risk. They urgently need to escape the country, or risk being killed by the Taliban.

We are the Activists in Risk Zones (ARZ) Task Force within Fridays For Future. Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, we FFF activists all around the world in collaboration with NGOs and organisations have been working extremely hard to get high at risk activists and their families out of Afghanistan.

Our rapid response team is in contact with our youth members on the ground and are working with state officials, trusted NGO partners and supporters to get people to safety. In only a few weeks time we were able to safely evacuate 39 people from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Germany and the US etc.

We have set up this crowdfunder to raise urgent funds to get more high at risk people and their families out of the country to countries where they can safely resettle and start a new life.

Your donations will pay for flights/transportation, visa fees, support, legal fees, and any other costs incurred with getting people to safety and it will also help cover resettlement costs for our evacuees.
Please donate and share with anyone and everyone. Activists need your help to save lives. Every small amount helps!

Thank you for standing with us.
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We ask you to support our efforts! Any donation is appreciated.

All funds raised for this campaign are hosted by Climate 2025, a not-for-profit that supports movements tackling the climate and ecological emergency.

For larger donations and all external enquiries please contact us.

If you are part of an NGO or state department that we’re not yet connected to, and you have relevant information that might assist our rapid response team, please get in touch there.

Thank you!