We live in the midst of a pandemic, but climate change is just as much of a crisis as it was before.
We called for a Global Day of Climate Action on September 25th, and more than 3,500 towns and cities in 154 countries followed!

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PRess release

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This fall, school strike movement Fridays For Future calls for a global climate action day. On September 25th, demonstrations and manifestations will take place all across the globe, all adjusted according to Covid-19 circumstances.

During the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced activists to find new ways of protest and use digital activism to demand climate action, as marches have not been appropriate. The 25th of September will be the first global action day of the year.

The coming months and years will be crucial in ensuring a safe pathway below 1.5°C increase in global mean temperature, a target stated in the Paris Agreement. If we are to minimise the risks of triggering irreversible chain reactions beyond human control, we need to act now. It is therefore vital that the climate crisis doesn’t get forgotten in the shadow of the coronavirus but is regarded as the utmost priority. Fridays For Future will keep protesting as long as exploitation of nature is allowed to continue. The form of protest will be adjusted according to local Covid-19 conditions and in places where physical action will be taking place, participants will be asked to take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. In cases where physical protest is inappropriate, we will instead turn to digital action.

“The pandemic has shown us that politicians have the power to act quickly and consistent with the best available science. But not even amid a pandemic is the climate crisis on hold. No measures have been taken to lower worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in a sustainable and just manner. The billion-dollar-investments that are now made to tackle the pandemic and its aftermath must be in line with the Paris Agreement”, says Eric Damien from Fridays For Future Kenya.

“To actually experience the climate crisis makes you understand the urgency of the situation. Millions are losing their homes and livelihoods, this can no longer exist in a vacuum. We need world leaders to prioritise humanity over greed. The youth are going to come together, over and over again – each time more strategic and united than ever before”, says Disha Ravi from Fridays For Future India.

We will keep you informed about the details concerning the planning of the protests.

Due to the current circumstances actions may vary from normal, because in times of crisis we change our behaviour. Please contact or follow the directives given by your local organisers.

Ways to continue to support MAPA (Global South)

MAPA or Most Affected People and Areas, a term we’re using complementary to Global South

On September 25, we asked you all to have a moment during your strikes to do the MAPA symbol (found at the top & to the right) while someone is talking about the situation in MAPA (key facts can be found in the resources folder in the MAPA folder linked above) and we got so many great actions – thank you!

Please continue to support MAPA:

  • Say the tagline for MAPA (for international) “They are unheard but not voiceless. They are fighting for their present, not just their future. We will not be prisoners of injustice.”
    • In future physical strikes say it after you talk about the MAPA situation
    • For future digital actions, use it as a caption or say it in a video
  • Continue to post a picture doing the MAPA symbol of solidarity (picture to the right) with the caption “They are unheard, not voiceless. They are fighting for their present, not just their future. We will not be prisoners of injustice. #FightClimateInjustice” and talk about MAPA
  • Change your FFF logo to the MAPA logo

MAPA gesture

Social Media

  • Please continue tweeting using #FridaysForFuture
  • Instagram filter: (move your head to rotate signs)
  • List of Instagram accounts to tag (@fridaysforfuture,
  • List of twitter accounts to tag ( @Fridays4Future, @fff_digital)

For people from Global South or MAPA: 

Unheard, not voiceless. Fighting for our present, not just our future. We will not be prisoners of injustice. #FightClimateInjustice #FridaysForFuture

For people not from Global South or MAPA

They are unheard, not voiceless. Fighting for their present, not just their future. We will not be prisoners of injustice. #FightClimateInjustice #FridaysForFuture