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Warning: this is not a celebration.​

On Saturday, December 12th, people from around the world come together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. But there is no reason for celebration. Every single government fails to contribute to a 1.5 degree pathway. ​

​We are already witnessing the consequences of this failure: more and more tragedies and injustices are taking place across the world, ranging from more intense and frequent extreme precipitation events to wildfires and food insecurity. The climate crisis is rampaging here and now. If the world leaders keep failing us, the climate crisis will become uncontrollable resulting in the degradation not only of our natural resources but also of human life. We cannot allow that to happen.​

So we will have to stand together and protest:

We #FightFor1Point5 !​

Get started by reading and signing the Promise to #FightFor1Point5 !​

Here you can find infos about Greta’s Hope Video, here the open letter to world leaders by some activists
and below our press release to the launch of this campaign:

But what is the Paris Agreement? And why 1.5?

The Paris Agreement is a landmark environmental accord that was adopted by nearly every nation in 2015 to address climate change and its negative impacts, specifically striving to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

However, it imposes no new legal obligations on individual countries and contains no enforcement mechanisms, but instead establishes a framework for international negotiations of future agreements, or protocols, to set binding emissions targets. Participating countries meet annually at a Conference of the Parties (COP) to assess their progress and continue talks on how to best tackle climate change. ​

The Paris Agreement was an essential step towards initiating mass climate action – but it was just the beginning and governments must now be help accountable to act on those targets!​

The past five years were all about climate change. 

The next five years will be all about climate action!

We need a Global Climate Uprising that will challenge the power of entrenched politics and industries to enable a just transition towards an economic system that respects the natural boundaries of the earth and puts social interests before profit of the rich. ​

In the time leading up to December 12th, we call all children, parents, employees, employers, activists, NGOs – all that have understood the urge to act – to stand against the deterioration of our planet and the violation of our right of a secure future. We are already acting/in action.

Are you?​

Candle Action

The plan is to light candles or use lights in a different way to form the words “Fight for 1 Point 5” to show that we are not celebrating. Instead we are lighting candles to go on vigil, to show that we are not shutting up – our house is on fire.

This is beautiful, simple, and adaptable! This is good especially given Corona-restrictions in many places. You don’t need many people. It can be done large-scale outside or small-scale in your own home!

You can find ideas on how to adapt this action to your individual situation here. With all these wonderful ways to get involved, you don’t want to miss any!

Here’s a checklist you can use to keep track:


  • Plan your offline action
    • Whether alone or with friends, decide if you want to light candles, use LEDs, or your phones to form the words “Fight for 1 Point 5” (ideas on how to adapt this action to your individual situation can be found here)
    • If holding an offline action (whether at home alone or in a larger group), register your action to show that the #FightFor1Point5 is happening all over the world
    • Find an action near you to attend on the map
  • Spread the word
    • Sign the Promise to act and tell your friends
    • Add #FightFor1Point5 to your Profile Picture
    • Watch out for infos and videos on Fridays for Future Social Media channels
    • Find easy-to-share material and content, such as Videos and Graphics with pre-written descriptions showcasing the fight for 1.5 through visual messages by frontline fighters from regions all around the world
    • Sign up for the tweetstorm on Thursday Dec 10th, 10 AM GMT and 6 PM GMT
    • Sign up to attend Workshops to learn how we are going to #FightFor1Point5 in 2021 and beyond
  • ON DEC 11th
    • Hold your offline action or attend one near you!
    • Post pictures of your offline action and include the hashtag #FightFor1Point5 in the text
    • Connect with other actions worldwide and show each other support

Get started by reading and signing the Promise to #FightFor1Point5 !​