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September 23, 2022



For that Global Climate Strike as we demanded policymakers and world leaders to prioritize #PeopleNotProfit! We demanded that our Governments listens to MAPA voices and immediately works to provide Loss & Damage Finance to the communities most affected by the climate crisis.



Not as charity, but as a transformative justice process in which political power will return to the people. 

This should not be in the form of loans, but a follow through on the demands from Indigenous, black, anti-patriarchal and diverse marginalized communities to get their lands back, giving resources to the most affected communities by the climate crisis for adaptation, loss and damages – a redistribution (and in most cases, collectivization) of wealth, technology, information, care work, and political power both from the north to the south, and from top to bottom.


Climate struggle is class struggle, for years, the ruling class, primarily through corporations and governments from the Global North dominated by affluent, white, heterosexual cis-males, have exercised their power, gained through colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and exploitation, to destroy the earth and its occupants with no remorse. 

They deliberately sacrifice the Global South’s ecosystems and peoples for the sake of their so-called “development” and everlasting “economic growth”. Meanwhile, the working class is used as tools to build the very system that is destroying them.

What we must do

Colonizers and capitalists are at the core of every system of oppression that has caused the climate crisis, and decolonization, using the tool of climate reparations, is the best kind of climate action.

The richest capitalist 1%,must be held responsible for their actions and willful ignorance. Their profit is our death. Their profit is our suffering.

Together with different sectors of society across the world, led by the most marginalized, let’s bring back the power to the people whose power has been stolen. Together, let’s build a system and home where we prioritize #PeopleNotProfit.

Take Action

Find a future strike in your area or organize one and use the profile picture frame on social media to spread the word!

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