January 2020 Davos 2020

“Today’s business as usual is turning into a crime against humanity. We demand that leaders play their part in putting an end to this madness.”


The Lausanne declaration is a joint statement of 400 climate activists from 38 countries who met in Lausanne in August 2019.

In summary, these three demands were declared:

1. Keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels.

2. Ensure climate justice and equity.

3. Listen to the best united science currently available.

March 2019

1. Create a safe pathway under 1.5C

2. Climate justice and equity for everyone

3. Follow the Paris Agreement

4. Unite behind the science

September 2018

Create a safe pathway under 2C.

September 2018 Interview with Greta Thunberg

"Leaders shall treat the Climate Crisis as a Crisis!"

Paris 2015, COP21:

stay well below 2C (goal 1.5 ◦C) 

½ emissions by 2030,

if and only if

Included but Not existing:

1. Equity: absolutely needed,

2. BECCS, Bio Energy Carbon Capture Storage at Scale,

3. Likely (66%) chance of meeting 


4. A Non Binding agreement.

5. Our Western Consumption: Imports, Aviation, Shipping, making producing countries look far worse!

6.Tipping points: Irreversible, Accelerating, Self Oscillating #ClimateBreakdown feedback loops,

7. Dimming (+0.3-0.6 ◦C)