Materials in Swedish from Klimatgrupp Umeå

Logo for Global Climate Strike 15 mars

Two of many ways to encourage and deepen the climate knowledge with action in schools

1. The letter to Principals from FFF (google-doc),

2. This letter by a principal (google-doc)

Image free to use for climate-strikers (by Lena Ignestam jpg):

Life sized pdf-version by Lena Ignestam:

Join-poster free to use for climate-strikers (by Joakim Olsson pdf):

Snowman by unknown:

The importance of the first followers to get a growing movement

TED Talk: How to Start a Movement

CLIMATE PLEDGE COLLECTIVE - FridaysForFuture Resources

Resources to support high school students demanding climate action. Some of it is Canada-focused but some will apply everywhere.
Resources include:
- A Handout on Climatebreakdown and fixes
- Key Charts
- Links to youtube videos and docs
- Summary of IPCC SR15, CDN, ON and Toronto plans

A Better World — Artist: Joel Pett