6 April 

Saturday event in Switzerland, looking for other countries to join, Stockholm has a demonstration also.

12 April to 19 April

 XR Rebellion week cooperation,

15 April to 19 April 

XR Rebellion week cooperation, 15 April UK Parliament square Global Rebellion.

13/14 April

France (national structuration week-end, opened to other country strikers who would join, even though it is going to happen in french)


Prelim booking for national meeting Sweden

2 May Thursday 

(In memory of 1963 Children’s Birmingham, Alabama)

3 May

 Canada, North America, Australia, and Mauritius.

23/24 May

 EU election strikes, 2nd global climate strike

7 June

Friday, Canada and Mauritius. 1st Friday monthly.

21 June Friday, 22 June

Ende Gelände

5 July, Friday

Canada and Mauritius. 1st Friday monthly.

16-21(Or 18-22)

July Poland, Climate Camp

26-31 July 

England, Mass Action Camp - Reclaim The Power

26 July-4 Aug 

Germany, Camp For Future

1 August

Thursday, Earthstrike meeting.

2 August, Friday

(1st Friday monthly Canada and Mauritius)

20 August Tuesday

Greta 1st day 1 year, anniversary, We are back!

August 30, Friday

After vacations

6 September, Friday

Canada and Mauritius. 1st Friday monthly.

20 September

 3rd global climate strike

20-27 September

Global #WeekForFuture #ClimateStrike

23-27 September 

UN New York Summit.

27 September, Friday

With Earthstrike Strike. FFF has been aligning with this date since November, 2018. (anniversary of the book Silent Spring.)

4 Oct, Friday

Canada and Mauritius. 1st Friday monthly.

7 October

XR weeks

11 October

2019 C40 meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
2,000 worldwide strikes.
94 Cities Declared Climate Emergency!
Now we need to begin the process to ‘create a safe pathway under 1.5C.’

9-12 October

C40 Copenhagen

18 October

2,000 worldwide strikes.

22 October

Earth Day Network announcement.

25 October

2,000 worldwide strikes.

29 October

FridaysForFuture Erasmus Daun/Brussels Camp.

1 Nov, Friday

Canada and Mauritius. 1st Friday monthly.

100 day promise for EU Green New Deal, by EU Ursula von der Leyen, the new EU commission president.

1-4 November

Munich, Germany Meeting.

15 November, Friday

COP25 - middle friday of the COP

29 November

 4th global climate strike, COP25
Global Action/Strike For Future, estimate 5,000 strikes.

2-13 December

COP 25 Chile

6 Dec, Friday

COP25, Chile will strike large.

8 December

EU Ursula von der Leyen 100 day countdown End!

13 December, Friday

Lucky for us.

13 April 2020, Monday

XR Rebellion start.

22 April 2020, Wednesday

Earth Day Networky
50 year anniversary. (plans to engage up to 1 billion people)

1 May 2020, Friday

May day Union demonstrations.

14 May 2020

Pope Francis calling a Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance.

15 May 2020

Suggested Earth Strike. Unsuitable for Canada.

21 September 2020, Monday

Monday, Leaders’ Biodiversity Summit

9-19 November 2020

COP 26 Glasgow

21 October 2020, Monday

Canadian national elections


Surprise Strikes